The only sustainable hosiery worldwide

The only sustainable hosiery worldwide 1

Each year, two billion pairs of tights are produced, worn a few times and then discarded, helping to make the textile industry the second most polluting industry in the world. Landfills everywhere are full of poorly made and cheap non-biodegradable textiles – and it’s getting worse. Nylon yarn, which is currently used to produce most modern pantyhose, is created from an environmentally harmful petroleum-based manufacturing process that is not only bad for the planet, but also produces pantyhose that don’t last.

These harmful practices in the fashion industry are all too common. we believe the world needs more innovative and environmentally conscious products to lead the way, and so Swedish Stockings was launched. A forerunner in sustainable produced nylon stockings, Swedish Stockings produce beautiful pantyhose from recycled yarn. Our factories engage in sustainable practices including the use of environmentally friendly dyes, post-dyeing water treatment and the use of solar power for much of the energy needed in the manufacturing process.

The only sustainable hosiery worldwide 3

Swedish stockings pantyhose are created from both pre and post-consumer nylon waste. The production process is a lot less harmful to the environment than traditional nylon production and we are consistently looking for innovative and cleaner ways to produce - conserving or reusing water, decreasing emissions, reducing and recycling waste. From this highly efficient recycling procedure we have reduced energy and water consumption. 

The only sustainable hosiery worldwide 5

The mission is to close the loop and eventually be able to recycle old hosiery into new. In order to make that possible we need to be able to separate the fibres, the polyamide from the elastane, and at this time the technology isn’t commercially available. However, we have an interim solution!

The only sustainable hosiery worldwide 7

We collect and grind down old pantyhose to be used as filler material in fibreglass tanks. These tanks are used in the commercialindustry to separate grease from water, such as at gas stations,at restaurants, etc. They are extremely hardwearing, lasting decades,and now contain your old pantyhose in them!

The only sustainable hosiery worldwide 8