About us

OW Studios is a women’s wear brand that believes you are perfect just the way you are. We’re here to support the lifestyle you already have created on your own. And to make your ordinary days wonderful.


To us, you are wonderful no matter what you do or what you look like. We admire your imperfections, your fragileness, your spontaneous essence, and your own unique lifestyle. We want to be part of your everydayness and all the little wonderful moments that await you. May our clothes add some easiness and fun to your daily routine. They will free you from unnecessary doubts and leave more space for yourself.

Our goal is to build trust and confidence between the creators and the clients. Therefore, at OW Studios we envision a new way of designing, producing and purchasing. We aim to be the visionaries of fashion industry by expanding the garment life cycle. We offer to our customers a possibility to not only buy the pieces of their choice but also sell their pre-loved clothes back to us, or rent a special garment for a special occasion.

 We are honest and open about where we are in this journey. We envision sustainability not as an empty promise bus as a luxury prerequisite. Knowing exactly how and where our products are made is a key for us. We work closely with the suppliers to get the most innovative fabrics and trims. Our first priority is to produce locally. We also encourage our customers to buy less, to have things that they love and feel good in it. Each of our product has a purpose, is long lasting in design, quality and time.

When I create, I have an educated woman in mind, the one with a strong attitude who doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone or to artificially create an image. You already have it all and we are here to complement your lifestyle you already have created. I hope you feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time in OW Studios clothes.